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Refund and Returns Policy

At Urban Animal, we do not offer refunds once the order has been placed unless in certain cases mentioned below. We do have expert vets and geneticists on staff to help interpret results with you and refer your family to veterinary specialists in your area if possible.

Once the order has been delivered, the following cases make your test eligible for refund:

If your pet’s swab fails due to insufficient amount of DNA content

Urban Animal will send a free replacement swab & run the second sample at no additional cost, in the case that your pet’s swab fails at analysis due to an insufficient amount of DNA content. If you choose to decline the replacement, you’re eligible for a complete refund less shipping, handling and any applicable taxes.

If your kit is unused

Urban Animal accepts the return of your unused kits. We only accept returns if the kits are in good and unused condition. The kit must be within six months of purchase and the return to store credit is not available.